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Portland Custom Engravers

Custom Engraving Portland

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    Portland Custom Engravers are here to help you with all of your engraving needs. Whether you are looking for a personalized engraving or one for a commercial product, our team is ready to help you. We work with many different types of engravings and many different materials. To ensure that you get the best possible results, our expert engravers will recommend and advise you on the engraving services that are the best fit for you and for your item. You may have been wondering where can I get something engraved in Portland? For the best engraving results, look no further than us.

    About Us

    Portland Custom Engravers have been offering top-quality engraving services in the city for many years. We have extensive experience and expertise that allow us to handle many different challenging engraving jobs. We are accustomed to working with many types of materials and a range of sizes and shapes of products. Our specialist engravers will be happy to help you to find the engraving service that is perfect for you. For engraved sign estimates and other engraving service quotes we are here and ready to provide you with honest and accurate information. We have the best custom engraving in Portland.

    Our Services

    For the number one engraving services in Portland, you can count on us. We pride ourselves on the wide selection of services that we have to offer. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find an engraving service that is perfect for you with our selection. All of our services have been designed with our customers at the heart of them. We strive to provide you with engraving services that are affordable and of the highest quality. With us, you are sure to always find the best deals around and the greatest possible engraving results.

    using a high speed rotary multi tool

    Rotary Engraving

    If you are looking for the best rotary engraving in Portland then you have found it. Rotary engraving involves the use of drills to remove layers of material. This technique requires skills and specialist machinery. We have both and can provide you with stunning results. Our engravers can engrave many different materials and products with this method. We frequently use this method to engrave signs and we can help to provide you with engraved sign estimating.

    industrial sandblasting engraving service

    Sandblasting Engraving

    Sandblast engraving in Portland is most popularly used for glass engraving in Portland. The method can also be used on a variety of other materials as well. For the best sandblast engraving services in Portland, choose us. Sandblasting engraving is a method for engraving that involves highly pressurized jets of air. We can help you with beautiful engravings for a variety of products. If you are looking for glass etching in Portland or to have products like awards engraved in Portland then allow our experts to assist you.

    “Portland Custom Engravers are great engravers. For our son’s birthday, we wanted to get him something fun and personal that he would use. We talked to the team about their die engraving service in Portland and they were extremely helpful. The die that we received is beautiful and our son is so happy with it.” Jen I.

    Sublimation Engraving

    Sublimation engraving is a process that adds material to the product. This engraving technique uses pressure and heat to create permanent and flawless results. Portland engravers use this method frequently for promotional products engraving in Portland. This method is also popular with customers looking for medal engraving in Portland or who want engraved signs in Portland. Sublimation engraving uses ink and can be made to look particularly colorful and unique. For cheap and fun services like pen engraving in Portland, this may be the perfect choice for you.

    modern technology of engraving

    Laser Engraving

    If you are looking for laser engraving in Portland then allow us to help you. Our company has some of the best services for custom engraving in Portland. Laser engraved awards in Portland are a popular choice. For the best-engraved awards and trophies in Portland Oregon, we can help. Our team has years of experience working with lasers to create custom engravings and we can work with a great range of products and materials. We offer skilled engraving of metal in Portland and our laser engraving glass services in Portland are unbeatable.

    artist engraver doing laser engraving

    “Our theatre group has been looking for affordable engravable awards in Portland. We found Portland Custom Engravers online and they offered us a great deal. The engraved awards were made quickly and look even better than we had hoped that they would. We are so pleased with the results.” Henry S.

    cermark engraving service in progress

    Cermark Engraving

    Cermark engraving is a special engraving process that uses a special chemical coating combined with lasers. This method has the precision of laser engraving but creates permanent results. It is also a relatively quick and inexpensive method of engraving. This technique is best used for metal engraving in Portland. If you have metal plates for engraving then you can trust us and our specialized engraved wall plates service. Engraved awards in Portland are often made using cermark engraving too.

    laser cutting beam high precision on a plywood sheet


    You can count on us for all of your engraving needs. We have many different engraving options for you to choose from. Our experts have been working in the engraving industry for many years and they have a wealth of experience engraving many different materials and products. We engrave plaques in Portland and have a range of etched awards for you in Portland. Our team is accustomed to offering services for everything from leather to steel engraving in Portland. We will help you to find your perfect service.

    “Portland Custom engravers have the nicest engraved trophies in Portland. We have been ordering our sports trophies for them for a while now and every time the engravings are good-looking and precise. The whole process is painless and quick. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting an engraving service that they can trust.” Paul T.

    Contact Us Today

    We are the number one out of all of the engraving companies in Portland. Our services are designed to be high-quality and cheap so that you can enjoy excellent engraving results without having to worry about the cost. We have a dedicated customer service team who are always happy to help and support you however they can. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can help to provide you with all of the information and recommendations that you need. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment for one of our engraving services then you can contact us directly via phone or email.