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Cermark Engraving

cermark engraving in progress

Cermark engraving is a relatively new engraving process. Not all engraving companies in Portland offer cermark engraving. Portland Custom Engravers has experience working with cermark engravings and we can offer you the expertise and excellent results that you have been searching for. Cermark engraving cannot be done without the required equipment and products and it is not a process that everyone can undertake. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide all of our customers with a great selection of engraving services. You will be certain to find the one that is the best fit for you and for your product.

What is it?

Cermark engraving is a type of engraving. It is designed to be used on metal materials. If you are looking for metal engraving in Portland you should consult our experts. They will help you to decide if cermark engraving is suitable for the metal material and engraving design that you want. Cermark is a type of chemical liquid compound that is used in the engraving process. It is used in combination with a laser in order to create a permanent engraving of your choice. Handling this type of chemical can be dangerous and so only qualified engravers should be involved in the process.


The process of cermark engraving has two core steps. The first is to glaze the surface of your product with the chemical coating. Once this has been done our expert engravers will move onto the next step and will mark the designated area with a laser. The laser will follow the design of text, symbols, or images that you have selected. It is the special combination of the chemicals in the coating agent and the heat from the laser that makes cermark engraving so great. It provides you with a permanent engraving that will not fade or wear over time.


For metals, cermark engraving is one of the best engraving options. It is possible to create a range of highly unique and personalized engravings using this particular method. Whether you are looking to have text, symbols, or an image engraved, cermark can help you to achieve permanent and beautiful results. We have worked on many engraved wall plates in Portland as well as many other metal products. The process is fairly fast and inexpensive and it helps to provide the best possible results. Color can be added with this type of engraving through the use of pigments. This gives you even more options for customizing your engraving.


Cermark engraving is fast and cheap. The process can be fast and our experts have the know-how and tools on hand to provide you with the engraving that you have been looking for. Cermark engraving helps us to create incredibly high-resolution engravings on a range of metal products of your choice. It can be used on curved and flat surfaces. This type of engraving requires a combination of chemicals and lasers, it is a potentially dangerous process and should only be completed by trained and skilled engravers. Our team is both and we can ensure the safest and best engraving results.

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