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Sandblasting Engraving

sandblasting engraving service in progress

Sandblasting is a particular method of engraving that involves using air to remove layers of material. The air is pressurized in jets in order to engrave surfaces. Sandblasting is a particularly popular method for customers who are looking to have glass or crystal products engraved, although it can also be used for a variety of other materials as well. If you are searching for the best glass etching in Portland then you should use our excellent service. Sandblasting is a flexible method of engraving that can be used to create many different looks of engraving on a variety of materials.

Deep Carvings

Sandblasting can be used to create deep engravings. This can only be achieved with the right tools and expertise. To create deep carvings we use a specialist machine that fires out incredibly high pressured jets of air. For truly deep engravings it is sometimes necessary to repeat this process multiple times. This requires a high level of skill as the exact same path must be followed each time in order to create a smooth and clean engraving pattern. To finish off the process our experts will carefully clean the excess material that has been left by the engraving. Deep engravings made using the sandblasting method are incredibly long-lasting.

Laser Look Engravings

Sandblasting is a very versatile method of engraving and it can also be used to create different depths of engravings, from deep etchings to laser look engravings. To achieve the more subtle and shallow engravings we use a slightly less pressurized jet of air. You can discuss what look you want your engraving to achieve with our specialists and they will help to recommend and engrave your product as you have requested. For customers looking to have awards engraved in Portland, particularly glass awards, this method of sandblasting engraving is particularly popular. Portland Custom Engravers have the best tools to create a flawless engraved finish.


Sandblasting is a method of engraving that has multiple benefits. As this method of engraving removes layers of material from the surface of a product it leaves you with a permanent engraving. It will never fade, wear away, or wash off. So, if you are currently looking for a flexible engraving that will last the test of time then sandblasting may be the best choice for you. For sandblast engraving in Portland that will leave you with a beautiful and elegant result, let our experts help you. Our company is the number one provider of glass engraving in Portland.


Our sandblast engraving services in Portland are the cheapest in the city. We have designed all of our services with our customers in mind and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with affordable services that are consistent and of the highest quality. Sandblasting engraving is the cheapest available method for engraving and it is also one of the longest-lasting. As well as this, sandblasting can be used on many different materials, from glass to wood to stone to metal. So no matter what product you are looking to have engraved, our sandblast engraving service can help you.

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