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Sublimation Engraving

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Portland Custom Engravers have the best sublimation engraving services in the city. Sublimation engraving is different to most other methods of engraving because it does not require the engraver to remove material. Instead, with sublimation engraving material is added. Sublimation is essentially a type of printing. This method of engraving is relatively new and it can be used on almost any material, including fabrics. If you are looking for great engraving results then trust the top Portland engraver service. We will assist you in any way that we can and will help to ensure that you get the results that you were looking for.


Cost is an important factor to consider when you are choosing which engraving method and service is the best fit for you. Our engravers can help to offer you advice on which service is the best fit for your project and for your budget. We offer all of our customers the option of getting an accurate quote for the engraving work that they want to have done. Our quotes are worked out by our team of experts. We have many years of experience working in the engraving industry and we can help to accurately assess and estimate how much different engraving projects will cost according to the time and materials involved.


Sublimation engravings are suitable for both personal and commercial projects. The process requires specialist tools and expert engravers to undertake the task. Both are equally important to engraving objects with precision. The first step of sublimation engraving involves applying a delicate combination of pressure and heat to the area of the product that you want to mark. The heat involved is often from a laser. This method of engraving allows us to accurately print text, symbols, and pictures onto the surface of many different materials. It also offers the opportunity to create engravings that are particularly unique and that can use a variety of colors in the design.

Types of Engravings

Many different engraving designs can be made using sublimation engraving. We help with promotional products engraving in Portland and this is one of our most popular services. Sublimation engraving means that we can engrave your promotional products with your logo and any other designs that you would like. Out of all of the engraving services that we offer, sublimation engraving offers the most opportunity to create unique and colorful designs that are sure to catch peoples’ interest. If you are looking for medal engraving in Portland, engraved signs in Portland, or pen engraving in Portland then we can help you to get what you have been looking for.


There are many benefits to choosing sublimation engraving. You can choose from a variety of fonts, graphics, and images. Sublimation engraving gives you the most flexibility to choose exactly what design you would like to have engraved on your product. It also allows us to help you create something that is colorful and that is truly unique in its appearance. We have all of the specialist equipment and techniques to quickly provide you with the best possible results. Engravings made with the sublimation method are permanent. The use of heat helps to ensure that your engraving will not peel or crack over time.

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